Adoptable: Bugsey


‘Ole Bugsey was returned to us. The dear boy was chasing the cats too much, in his almost-forever home. Who knew he could move so fast?!

Now we are looking for a no-cat family, who wants to give this little guy a warm & comfortable home for his remaining days/years.

About Bugsey:

Bugsey is a 12 year old Poodle X. He originally came into the foster system since his person passed on.

Bugsey was obviously well loved, as he is the sweetest boy. He is getting along with all the dogs, and has enough energy to walk the big walks, but he also loves to snuggle on the couch. He is in good health and ready for his forever home in time for Christmas!


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  1. Amy says:

    Bugsey is a real gem of a dog. He’s the happiest to see me when I get to work, is always in the mood for a snuggle, his favourite sleeping spot is on a chair next to the bed, and he sleeps sound through the night. I call him my little lamb because his wooly coat and floppy ears make him look like a little white lamb! He may not be the biggest dog around, but he doesn’t know that! He thinks he’s big man on campus, and nobody has the heart to tell him otherwise. LOVE him to bits, sad I can’t have a dog where I live, but hopefully he finds his forever home soon! Words can’t describe how awesome he is!

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