Meet the Ranchers


Glenda (Owner/Operator/Head Rancher): Glenda is a Certified Veterinary Assistant and forth generation animal lover. She has 25 years experience with pets, formerly working as a Kennel Technician with several years experience working with all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats with varying temperaments and medical needs.

Pets: Oreo, aka “Office Manager,” an 11 year old Shih Tzu, and Annie Bella, aka “Hostess,” a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel.  The best part of their day is being able to go home and have their bed all to themselves, after having shared nicely all day at daycare.

When They Graduate: The best part of my day is when new puppies learn to pee outside!  I do the “Hallelujah!” dance every time!

Sometimes It’s Hard: Hardest part of this job is getting attached to all the little characters, and having one pass away due to old age.

The Gym?!Who needs another workout after wrestling with “the beasts” all day!  We do love going for a leisurely stroll at Matheson Lake, where Oreo gets to sniff and pee on everything, and Annie gets to ride in comfort in the stroller since her old legs can’t carry her very far.


RonRon (photographed here with Lindsay):  Whisker’s Urban Rancher since April 2010.

The Handyman Can: Ron’s secondary role at the Ranch is resident handyman. With all the chewing and gnawing and chomping all day, the dogs give Ron a constant supply of projects to work on.

Pet: Newly adopted Scrappy Doo, a 4 year old Yorkie X.   Scrappy was a foster dog at the Ranch, but Ron fell in love with him and couldn’t stand for anyone else to adopt him.  Now Scrappy gets to come to work with Ron every day.  Scrappy’s favourite thing to do at work, when he isn’t following Ron around, is to wrestle with the Office Manager, Oreo, an 11 yr Shih Tzu.

Who’s Tough? She’s Tough: One of the funniest things at work is watching Kensi, a 5 month old Portuguese Water Dog, strut around the Ranch growling with a ball in her mouth.  She is a little girl, but is trying hard to sound like a big girl!

Best Days Ever: The best part of the day is playing ball with Farley, a big chocolate Lab, who loves to stuff as many balls into his mouth as possible.



Sam’s favourite part of working at the Ranch is the pack walks. She loves getting out there and seeing dogs big and small get into the pack mindset!

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