My Spot

Dog daycare VictoriaLittle Eva in her favourite sleeping spot! If someone has the nerve to occupy HER bucket Eva will lounge in another spot and sleep with one eye open. As soon as the other dog gets up she’ll swoop in and reclaim her rightful throne!

Girl knows what she wants!

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Perfect Spot

Victoria doggie daycareThat is Oden, Boston and Rancher Shannon’s legs!

From Rancher Shannon:

Boston tends to lean right there when I stand at this spot working on the Dog Walking List. He often gets a nice back or ear scratch when positioned there.

Well played, Boston… well played!

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Mama’s Girl

IMG_9478_smallIt’s Rancher Sam’s Zara, looking pretty in pink!

Zara’s very good buddy is Peanut, and they enjoys a good wrestle whenever they can… but at the end of the day Zara is really an all around mama’s girl.


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Bit of a theme…

Victoria doggie daycareHey Finley, didn’t you have a rope in the last photo we have of you on the blog…?


And are you hoarding those balls there behind you? That’s quite the stash!

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Milton- Caption It!

2014_011_smallThis looks like a great shot for a caption! Give it your best shot in the comments!

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Happy Friday From Clifford!

IMG_9507_smallGood ‘ol Clifford wishing you all a very happy Friday!

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend don’t forget A New Beginning Dog Walk hosted by Broken Promises Rescue this Sunday, April 6th!

  • When: Sunday, April 6th, 2014 – Registration – 10:00 am
  • Walk Begins: 10:30 AM to 12 NOON ISH
  • Where: Cy Hampson Dog Park on Lochside Parkway Drive

Have a great weekend!

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Jack at the Ranch

IMG_9520_smallJack. Just hangin’ out at the Ranch!

More lovely pups named Jack:

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IMG_9611_smallThis handsome lad is Brutis, a Black & Tan Coonhound/Lab mix.

Brutis is a very happy go lucky dog who loves to play tug of war with Oden. He is never afraid to let us know whats on his mind by letting out the signature hound dog bay.

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Ball Hound

IMG_9535_smallHello Ellie!

Ellie LOVES playing with the ball. If you’re ready to throw it, she’s game!

Here are some variations on the traditional game of fetch:

– Hide & Seek: Rather than throwing the ball, bury it in a blanket. Put it at the edge of the blanket at first to make it an easy target and then once your pup gets it, make it harder and harder to get to. Kayloo loves this game!

– Hide & Seek II: For the particularly savvy take things up a notch! Get your pooch to sit and stay and then hide the ball in various locations around the house. My dogs have no interest in this game… but I know lots that do!

Do you have any other  ball related games you like to play with your dog?

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Beau Has Something to Tell You

IMG_9517_smallBeau is like, what’s that you say? I’m adorable? And I have the best head tilt ever?

Quite, quite right!

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